• january – i-mode launches in Germany  
  • february – first colored WAP handset  
  • the Nokia 6600 running S60 is the most advanced phone of the time  
  • the BlackBerry 7210 is the first with a color screen  
  • best-selling phone: Nokia 1100  
  • iconmobile is founded in Berlin  
  • march – first color WAP portal launched for O2 Germany  


  • april – 3G launch in Germany  
  • september – the Razr V3 becomes the first blockbuster phone  
  • Sony Ericsson P910 is the most powerful smartphone at the time  
  • best-selling phone: Nokia 2600  
  • march – first 3G portal for O2  
  • iconmobile London and Sydney offices open  


  • our phone of the year: The Nokia 6680  
  • best-selling phone: Nokia 1110  
  • march – first mobisode (daily mobile soap) “mittendrin”   


  • may – Motorola launches the Q running Windows Mobile 5.0  
  • may – LG Chocolate is the first real “designer phone”  
  • september – RIM launches the BlackBerry Pearl  
  • november – Samsung enters the smartphone market with the BlackJack  
  • our favorite phone of the year is the Nokia N73  
  • best-selling phone: Nokia 1600  
  • First mobile portal launch for Qtel in the Middle East for the 15th Asian Games  
  • iconmobile video platform launches  


  • june – iPhone launches, nothing else matters this year  
  • best-selling phone: Nokia 1200  
  • january – iconmobile US opens in Santa Monica  
  • march – iconmobile joins WPP group  
  • november – first operator iPhone portal for O2 UK  
  • september – Sprint/Samsung Instinct UI design, the first real iPhone competitor  


  • june – Sprint launches the Samsung Instinct  
  • september – Android enters the game on the T-Mobile G1  
  • best-selling phone: iPhone 3G  
  • october – m.microsoft.com platform launch  


  • june – Palm Pre launch  
  • june – iPhone 3GS  
  • june – Samsung launches the first Galaxy  
  • Best-selling phone: iPhone 3GS  
  • first mobile couponing app “Green Perks” for T-Mobile USA  
  • Vodafone 360 ecosystem design  
  • iconmobile Seattle opens  


  • april – HP takes over webOS  
  • may – iPad launch  
  • june – Samsung Galaxy S  
  • june – iAd launches  
  • october – Microsoft ditches Windows Mobile and re-launches with Windows Phone  
  • best-selling phone: iPhone 4  
  • icon incar joins iconmobile group  
  • may – BMW iPad magazine  


  • february – Nokia kills Symbian and decides to move to Windows Phone  
  • may – Samsung Galaxy S II  
  • august – HP ditches webOS  
  • september – Amazon enters the tablet game with the Kindle Fire  
  • november – Galaxy Nexus  
  • december – operators shout LTE, LTE, LTE  
  • Best-selling phone: iPhone 4S  
  • iconmobile joins the Y&R network  


  • may – RIM announces BB10 for an early 2013 launch  
  • october – iPhone 5  
  • november – Microsoft launches Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8  
  • best-selling phone: Samsung Galaxy S3  
  • December – this website launches  


NEWS - May 30

Berlin Nachtschicht - Design Night 2016

Dear clients and friends of the house, random design enthusiasts:

Our pop-up research facility iconAnstalt*, will open its doors for one night only to then perish in the eternity of our memory.

In course of ‘Nachtschicht’ in which design studios will open their doors for you, we’d like you to join us for an experimental evening with exhibits, instruments and animals.

What can you expect: Interactive attractions of different nature, participants of different mental states, drinks of different caliber.

We’re looking forward to seeing you. Participation at your own risk.
Follow us on Facebook for the latest security instructions: https://www.facebook.com/iconmobileUX

Nachtschicht 2016 - iconAnstalt*

Date: Friday 3rd June
Time: 7 PM
Adress: Neue Grünstr. 25a, 10179 Berlin

*(Forschungseinrichtung im Dienste der Wissenschaft)

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