iconmobile and Vijay Kumar host ‘101 Design Methods’ event

Dan Pearlman and iconmobile invite you to join us for a wonderful evening with
Vijay Kumar and his '101 Design Methods' on November 26 @ dan pearlman creative lab, Kiefholzstraße 1 (4th floor), Berlin.

We're very happy to welcome one of the leading innovation consultants in the world and a rare guest of Berlin's design scene: Vijay Kumar, author of '101 Design Methods'.

101 Design Methods is the first step-by-step guidebook for successful innovation through design thinking. Design thinking is a mindset and method that can be applied to nearly any innovation challenge or endeavour. Using structured methods for observation, reframing, ideation, prototyping, and planning, design thinking can be used to develop innovative solutions in a wide range of business scenarios and social reform. On our reception at dan pearlman, Vijay Kumar will share his experiences on innovation, design thinking and his book's wisdom. Come, listen, have a drink with us.

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LOCATION: dan pearlman creative lab, Kiefholzstraße 1 (4th floor), Berlin

DATE/TIME: November 26, 7pm (19.00 Uhr) to 10pm (22.00 Uhr)

REGISTRATION: The event is limited to 80 people. Please register here: http://vijayinberlin.splashthat.com

About Vijay
Vijay Kumar is a professor at the IIT Institute of Design, the graduate school of design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he leads the Strategic Design Planning and the Design Methods programs. Vijay has taught, published, consulted, and lectured throughout the world on using structured methods, tools, and frameworks for conceiving reliable human-centered innovations and turning them into strategic plans for organizations. He has consulted for Autodesk, Motorola, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, Steelcase, Target, T-Mobile, and many others.

About dan pearlman
dan pearlman is a strategic creative agency in the areas of brand strategy, brand communications, brand architecture and experience architecture. As an interdisciplinary, holistic agency, dan pearlman combines strengths in different areas: Branding, Research and Innovation, Internal Branding, Brand Experience, Fairs and Events, Retail, Visual Communication, 3D and Motion, Public Relations, Hospitality, Leisure, and Zoo.

About iconmobile
Founded in 2003, the iconmobile group is an international market leader in the area of mobile business solutions and mobile marketing. The company blends many years of design and marketing experience with deep technical expertise. This unique combination enables iconmobile to serve as a one-stop provider of the full range of services for companies and brands looking to enhance their customer experience.


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