CES2018: iconmobile, banbutsu and Bosch to join forces

Connectivity and ecosystem integration have become essential tools for every mobility provider and car manufacturer. But how can you keep control over these complex and cluttered digital services to shape a unique experience specific to your brand?

It’s time for a powerful, hyper personalized, white label ecosystem solution to enable new business and market growth potential.

Bosch, banbutsu and iconmobile would like to invite you to join them at CES in Las Vegas, to experience their joint product vision.

A successful ecosystem comes with managing the personal and strategic expectations of experience providers (OEM’s), ecosystem partners, and most importantly the customer.

Our solution to set a new bar of excellence:

Create a white label infrastructure to monetize digital services for OEMs.
Standardize technology, speeding up innovation cycles to scale quickly.
Make OEM’s resistant against disruptors like Uber, who would absorb customer relationships and commoditize vehicle sales.
Offer a low investment strategy for OEM’s to transition to the future of shared mobility.
Create immediate scale for an OEM’s mobility offering, with modular services that fit their strategy.
Remove complexity, risk and cost, while allowing them to maintain their brand and customer relationship.
Offers a hyper personalized experience for each user.


We prepared a personal tour, to demonstrate the potential of our solution. You’ll experience how technology and expert knowledge make the necessity of charging your vehicle, a proactive, predictive and personalized experience.

On top of this core experience, we will show how mobility expands to various aspect of a users’ daily life (such as commercial brand offerings, mobility as a service, smart home or smart grid).





NEWS - Jan 03

iconmobile and Henkel team up @CES2018

Henkel Beauty Care and iconmobile are reinventing the salon of the future -- revolutionizing personalized hair care via cutting-edge digital technology. Every head of hair is unique, and now hair care can be too.


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