Nachtschicht, May 30th, 2014

We had a blast! Talk, exhibition, guided tour, lounge… More than 400 visitors. Thanks!

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After the internet and the mobile phone and its' uncountable apps, the next paradigm change comes with the internet of things and smart social objects. Forewarned is forearmed: no industries will be spared, every aspect of daily life is affected.
In our space we take a look back and show highlights of our phone collection, remember the losers of the mobile revolution, show some recent work, speculate about the future, provide a sneak peak into our lab, eat and drink while our resident DJs play their favourite tunes.

Every year Berlin design studios and agencies open their doors to the design-interested public during the NACHTSCHICHT – BERLIN DESIGN NIGHT. As in the past two years, visitors can experience an exciting and vivid insight into the broad spectrum of the creative industry of Germany's capital. More than 40 industrial, graphic, corporate, sound and interactive designers, as well as fair and fashion designers present themselves and their work at this very special night. Throughout the whole city, both established agencies and emerging studios welcome visitors with several highlights.


NEWS - May 30

Berlin Nachtschicht - Design Night 2016

Dear clients and friends of the house, random design enthusiasts:

Our pop-up research facility iconAnstalt*, will open its doors for one night only to then perish in the eternity of our memory.

In course of ‘Nachtschicht’ in which design studios will open their doors for you, we’d like you to join us for an experimental evening with exhibits, instruments and animals.

What can you expect: Interactive attractions of different nature, participants of different mental states, drinks of different caliber.

We’re looking forward to seeing you. Participation at your own risk.
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Nachtschicht 2016 - iconAnstalt*

Date: Friday 3rd June
Time: 7 PM
Adress: Neue Grünstr. 25a, 10179 Berlin

*(Forschungseinrichtung im Dienste der Wissenschaft)

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